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<< It can effect he flavor or aroma if there is a yeasty flavor or aroma from
 suspended yeast or if there is fruit pulp contributing to flavor, aroma or
 mouthfeel.  It won't change the flavor from honey, fruit juices, or spices.
 I have used it a couple of times to make Krystal Weiss and it worked well
 for this also but for other beer I have never bothered to filter.

Like I said, I look upon the filter as the "holy grail" to mead makers!  As 
long as you're not making a melomel or something that will be filtered out, a 
half micron filter seems like the best way to once-and-for-all rid your brew 
of the beasties.  Of course, this is from someone who is still dreaming of 
owning a filter  :)

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