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<< I can't make it to Gulf Wars or I would.  You see I am going to Europe in
 April for nearly three weeks on a beer drinking/researching trip (and a
 little work).  
 Current plans for England include hanging out with the Bristol CAMRA guys,
 going to Burton-on-Trent to vist Marstons, and to Castleford to visit the
 Thomas Fawcett and Sons Maltings.  Ofcourse, all pubs and breweries in
 between are fair game.
 Then on the Oslo for the Viking ship museums and to drink some meads.
 Nothing else planned here so far except visits to local pubs.
 Finally, a week in beer heaven, Munich.  Several breweries visits planned
 tere as well as the obligatory visit to the Hofbrau.
 If anyone else has any recommendations for must-see locals in the Oslo or
 Munich areas I would really love some suggestions.
 If you had to choose between Gulf Wars and this trip what would you do?
 Eadric  >>

I hate you.

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