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Fri Feb 11 07:08:21 PST 2000

Hi, all.

>1)  What's a Mangold?


>2)  If I was going to add barley to a wine should I use the
>barley I use in soup, or the roasted, malted stuff Ox uses
>for beer?

Malted a couple of malted mead recipes,too.

>3)  Can anyone tell me the calculation for converting metric
>to U.S. pounds so that I can verify that the amounts are
>correct?  (He lists British lbs, metric, & US lbs)

Currently, the British and US lbs are the same (avoirdupois): 7000 grains. If
the reference indicates British and US weights are different, they may be using
the "London pound" which is 7200 grains...unless someone is throwing Troy

I love the fact that the entire English system of weights is based on the grain
(of barley).

>4)  I have a very active yeast culture going in my house.
>(My orange syrup recipe would apparently make a great soda
>or wine.  ;>)  I'm thinking about using a sherry yeast in a
>batch soon.  How much of a sherry taste will that impart to
>my batches in the future?

Depends on what they have to compete with. If you don't want the sherry loose,
put a few drops of bleach in the fermentation lock.  Most of the "wild" yeast we
create are fermentation least at my house.

At least you haven't fermented picante' sauce.

>5)  Has anyone made clove wine?  How did it turn out?  Was
>is a cooking wine or a drinking one?

In meads...for drinking.

and finally,

>6)  Has anyone tried a hop wine?

Again, in meads...rather novel if used for aromatics.


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