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OK I will try to answer some of this.  Clorine will evaporate out over a
period of time. so you will need to set your water in a large container and
just let it sit for at least a week according to the numbers you gave. Your
sodium ions are a little more tricky as that is from salt. you might try
after letting it sit for a week to make a boiler with a tube coming out of
it similar to a still arrangement (I AM NOT suggesting you make a still) so
as you boil the water the steam can escape through the tube where it will
condense and then be transferred into a different and cold container.  This
might take care of the high numbers given, but no guarantees on how this
"New water" will be to the London water you are trying to recreate.   Hope
if you try this that it works.

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>Are there any chemists or advanced brewers out there that could field a
>question on water chemistry adjustment?  I'm trying to adjust my tap water
>more closely match London's supply for a recreation effort I'm about to
>embark on.  My city's water supply is OK in most areas, but it seems to
>unusually high concentrations of sodium and cloride ions in it.
>I've got Greg Noonan's book _Brewing_Lager_Beer_, and have read other stuff
>on adjusting chemistry.  They all talk about how to make additions, and how
>to precipitate out things like excessive CO3, but not how to get rid of
>excess ions like Sodium and Cloride.
>Anyone have any ideas how to do this?
>Hopefully, the columns in the e-mail stay in line so you can read the chart
>City            Ca++    CO3--   Cl- Mg++    Na+ SO4-    HardnessTDS
>Pilsen          7       15      5   2       2       5       30      35
>Munich          75      150     2   18      2       10      250     275
>Vienna          200     120     12  60      8       125     750     850
>Dortmund        225     180     60  40      60      120     750     1000
>Dublin          120     125     20  5       12      55      300     350
>Yorkshire       100     150     30  15      25      65      275     400
>Edinburgh       120     225     65  25      55      140     350     650
>Burton          275     260     35  40      25      450     1100    875
>London          90      125     20  5       15      40      235     300
>Stillwater, OK  75      40      296 64      279     116     140     456
>pH of the city supply is also quite high - 8.25.
>I obtained the ion concentrations for Stillwater from the chemistry lab at
>company.  I have several water analyses stretching from present back into
>late 80's.  The concentrations of various ions is relatively constant, so
>pretty sure that this isn't just a blip.
>Thanks in advance for any help.  If any of you are going to be at Gulf
>I'll give you a six pack for any help you can give me!
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