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On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson wrote:

> OK I will try to answer some of this.  Clorine will evaporate out over a
> period of time. so you will need to set your water in a large container and
> just let it sit for at least a week according to the numbers you gave. Your
> sodium ions are a little more tricky as that is from salt. you might try
> after letting it sit for a week to make a boiler with a tube coming out of
> it similar to a still arrangement (I AM NOT suggesting you make a still) so
> as you boil the water the steam can escape through the tube where it will
> condense and then be transferred into a different and cold container.  This
> might take care of the high numbers given, but no guarantees on how this
> "New water" will be to the London water you are trying to recreate.   Hope
> if you try this that it works.
> Agnarr

This is not actually practical. It takes a tremendous amount of energy
and time to boil off 5 gals of water. The still itself requires still more
water to cool the condenser and the water isn't that pure as a fair amount
of droplets are carried over from the boiling in a crude still. (Hense the
color in things like whisky.) Oh, its not illegal to make a still for
purifying water.

Also, only the free clorine will escape from sitting, most of his clorine
is bound to the sodium as salt.

The easiest way to overcome bad water is just go to the store and buy the
water you want. If you are wanting a specific ion balence get water
purifide buy reverse osmosis and then add the minerals you want in the
right consentrations. If $5-$10 bucks is too much, take a jug and drive to
a different water supply. If you want a continuous supply, get a reverse
osmosi$ water filter. Activated carbon won't do the trick on removing


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