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<< The easiest way to overcome bad water is just go to the store and buy the
 water you want. If you are wanting a specific ion balence get water
 purifide buy reverse osmosis and then add the minerals you want in the
 right consentrations. If $5-$10 bucks is too much, take a jug and drive to
 a different water supply. If you want a continuous supply, get a reverse
 osmosi$ water filter. Activated carbon won't do the trick on removing
 Hamlin >>

Actually, this is what I have decided to do.  One of the things I have done 
in the past is to buy carboys of water from Fizo water company in Tulsa.  
They get it from Mountain Valley Spring in Arkansas.  I called Mountain 
Valley and got a water report from them.  It is MUCH better than the 
Stillwater water.  I will only have to make slight adjustments to it to reach 
the final water characteristics I am looking for.

Oh, and the best part about going all the way to Tulsa to get this water - it 
comes in these cool reusable 5 gallon glass containers!!!!!  Kind of funny - 
you can get an empty carboy from them for $12, or a full one for $10.  Not 
bad!  Two birds with one stone!

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