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<< Greetings,
 Glad you're headed up.
 The classes will be under the guise of the College of St. Thompson's...Iris 
 better to teach.  Classes are being organized by Mistress Anastacia Marie
 Travarra, (405)
 What's happening?  Lots of stuff, of course.  The autocrat is Baron Artorius.
 I'm entering a couple of meads...if I can find small enough wine bottles.
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 Date:       1/17/00 2:33 AM
 Good Morning,
   Since it looks like we are actually going to be at Northern Regional
   Tribute, wasn't there talk of there being classes there? What all is
   going on there? Who all is entering for Gulf War A&S selection?
 Ciao, >>

I've already entered the Gulf wars thing, and am on hold as an alternate.  I 
will, however, have my revised stuff there for critique in preparation for 
the war.  I found out last night that there won't be a brewing section of 
this years candlemas, much to my dismay.  (Let the autocrat in Bryn Gwlad 
know I am NOT amused!!! I WAS going to go to that event - now I substantially 
less reason to go.)  So, I guess I'll use Northern Regional as the dress 
rehersal event.  To look on the bright side - my stuff probably wouldn't be 
ready by Candlemas anyway.  

As for classes, I'm teaching this weekend at Winterkingdom.  I could teach 
the same class at Northern Regional if anyone was interested - if I haven't 
dried up the interest pool in the North by that point!  Then again, if what I 
gleen from Tadhg's post above is true, I wouldn't be allowed to teach anyway 
because I am not an iris :(  How silly!  I can understand the desire to have 
good, qualified instructors, but to keep one out because they don't have an 
iris?  Perhaps I can get in through the back door - I could give a crash 
course to one of my Iris level friends and let them teach the class  for me!  

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