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Tue Jan 18 10:26:58 PST 2000

OxladeMac at (OxladeMac at said something that sounded like:
> I've already entered the Gulf wars thing, and am on hold as an alternate.  I 
> will, however, have my revised stuff there for critique in preparation for 
> the war. 


> I found out last night that there won't be a brewing section of 
> this years candlemas, much to my dismay.  (Let the autocrat in Bryn Gwlad 
> know I am NOT amused!!! I WAS going to go to that event - now I substantially 
> less reason to go.) 

I'm sorry about that. There was just way too much at the event with the
Gulf War Performance selection, a Pelican circle, a Southern Regional
Event planning meeting, classes, hands-on A&S displays, 4 tourneys,
marshal classes, etc., etc., etc.

> So, I guess I'll use Northern Regional as the dress 
> rehersal event.  To look on the bright side - my stuff probably wouldn't be 
> ready by Candlemas anyway.  


> Then again, if what I 
> gleen from Tadhg's post above is true, I wouldn't be allowed to teach anyway 
> because I am not an iris :( 

Neither can I. *grin*


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