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Tue Jan 18 10:47:45 PST 2000


>Classes are being organized by Mistress Anastacia Marie Travarra, (405)

Sorry for the incomplete phone number, (405)321-5361.
>As for classes, I'm teaching this weekend at Winterkingdom.  I could teach 
>the same class at Northern Regional if anyone was interested - if I >haven't
dried up the interest pool in the North by that point!  Then >again, if what I
gleen from Tadhg's post above is true, I wouldn't be >allowed to teach anyway
because I am not an iris :(  How silly!  I can >understand the desire to have
good, qualified instructors, but to keep one >out because they don't have an
iris?  Perhaps I can get in through the >back door - I could give a crash course
to one of my Iris level friends >and let them teach the class  for me!  :-)

Neither do I, Ox. I've had to live with that since I got here. Atlantian Pearls
are not equivalent (no GOA). So I am required to go outside my own Barony
anytime I want to teach...which I do at EVERY chance. 8^)

Actually, I'm not sure how many brewers would qualify. I know of only Damaris
and Jin Liu Chiang. Maybe there are others with an Iris who also brew.


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