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<< Neither do I, Ox. I've had to live with that since I got here. Atlantian 
 are not equivalent (no GOA). So I am required to go outside my own Barony
 anytime I want to teach...which I do at EVERY chance. 8^)
 Actually, I'm not sure how many brewers would qualify. I know of only Damaris
 and Jin Liu Chiang. Maybe there are others with an Iris who also brew.
 Tadhg >>

Your Barony requires an iris to teach?!?  How odd.

What are Atlantian Pearls?  Even though we (for some reason) don't recognize 
them as equivilent to an iris, are they?

HL Hamlin has his iris in mead making.  He's in Mooneschadowe.  He hasn't 
played too much the past year but he is a great wealth of knowledge.  
(Perhaps we can drag him out of the woodwork.....)

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