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Wed Jan 19 07:21:05 PST 2000

Ha, ha, ha...stir the pot!

Point 1:
"Irises or better..."  I think Laurels fall under the "or better" clause.  8^)

Point 2:
Mistress Stacia's hope is to provide a venue to spotlight the endeavors of the
Irises and Laurels.  Basically, she is trying to get them out to
teach...especially in the North.  At least, that was how she explained it when
St. Thompson's was reformulated about two years ago.

Point 3:
I don't need an Iris to teach in Namron.  However, the only teaching "event"
Namron hosts is St. Thompson's.  I have been turned down previously but that is
not to say that others will be as well...give Stacia a call and ask.  (Keep in
mind that space and time are limited at Northern Regional Tribute.)

Point 4:
The Atlantian Pearl is the mid-level A&S award given for skill and teaching in
A&S.  The principal distinctions are: 1) they do not carry a GoA and 2) they are
often given in a single specialty.  Also, the Order is a polling order (a quirk
of the Eastern rite kingdoms.)

Point 5: [Snark alert]
Ox,  if you can find a non-brewing Iris to teach your all-grains class, I will
be there with bells on!  8^)

I hope my grumblings haven't offended anyone.  I have had ample opportunities
afforded by collegia in Northkeep and Elfsea, and Kings College.

When I was in Atlantia (*don't cringe*), I had to badger the University
Chancellor for nearly three years to allow brewing classes to be taught.  Master
Henry (bless his pointy head) was convinced that a brewing class could NOT be
taught without an accompanying tasting.  Of course, when he finally turned the
brewers loose, he got six to eight hours of classes, three times a year.  ("Now,
why didn't I think of this sooner?!?")

So, I really can't complain.  In general, Ansteorra is much more receptive to
the brewing community.  Of course, a few more Irises would be nice...but all in
good time, I suppose.


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