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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Jan 19 10:02:03 PST 2000

>Irises and Laurels are not given for a particular field of interest,
>although many people have a particular focus.
	They're not?????

THen why do people always ask me what I got my Laurel in?   I haven't a
clue myself unless it's because I'm annoying. (grin)

My personal view is that most of the brewers I know don't seem to be
treated seriously by the majority of those who determine awards and
recognition.  They view drinking as fun, but the act of brewing seems to
fall in the realm of not so artsy and not so sciencey... A great number of
people seem to treat it as a secondary skill.  (Hmmmm, that's actually
somewhat period in some situations especially for women...)  and tend to
blow it off.  Plus with the added problem of less wet sites... that also is
a problem.....

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