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Hamlin - Would you consider teaching your basic mead class again?  Or would
you consider sending me another copy of your handout.  Mine got lost in the


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Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to obfusicate the matter, but it
seems like their intent is to have instructors who can demonstraight
their qualification to teach SCA relevant brewing by having a grant level
or higher award in the pertinant subject. Being an old timer I can
remember when judging a brewing entry in this kingdom was unpalatable and
possibly hazardous to your health. I do not jest when I say that most
people seemed to have no idea that wine should be clear.

I've also never seen a instruct'ocrat who would turn done a willing
instructor when faced with a need and a volunteer who can ellucidate their
qualifications over their current recognition.


On Tue, 18 Jan 2000 OxladeMac at wrote:

> In a message dated 1/18/00 5:54:10 PM Central Standard Time,
> nweders at writes:
> << Idon't have an Iris -- so maybe I don't qualify either
>  *grin*
>  clare >>
> This is why I scratched my head at the requirement!!
> Being obnoxious, I thought, well heck, let's just go find someone who has
> iris - it matters not in what, as long has they've got an iris!  "Hey,
> you've got an iris in pottery, right?  Want to teach a class on brewing?"
> I really should be careful.  I don't want to offend anyone here, and my
> intention is not to step on anyone's baby.  I just thought the requirement
> sounded a bit artificial.
> Ox
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