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Wed Jan 19 09:44:05 PST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Pug Bainter wrote:

> Collectively Unconscious (swarm at said something that sounded like:
> > Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough to obfusicate the matter, but it
> > seems like their intent is to have instructors who can demonstraight
> > their qualification to teach SCA relevant brewing by having a grant level
> > or higher award in the pertinant subject.
> Uhhh. To make a point here. Having a Grant Level or higher award doesn't
> mean that you know anything about the topic you are getting ready to
> teach.
> Irises and Laurels are not given for a particular field of interest,
> although many people have a particular focus.

Irises and laurels are given at the whim of the crown. Period.
Or did you miss the point of 10th year?

Most irises and laurels do have a certain level of competence not
*necessarily* found in your average reveler. They also tend to specialize.
They also tend to not teach what they know nothing about, unless asked.

I've found that most SCA people are pretty reasonable and if circumstance
permits, they will flex things toward the right outcome.

Assuming that the whole point isn't to highlight the talents of the local
irises, to help them become laurels, I would expect that some one of
demonstraighted skill in a field lacking intructors to not get the cold
shoulder if they volunteered. 

In fact, if there was demand for a certain class, having a laurel or iris
speak for said person or act a titular head would make the class even more


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