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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Wed Jan 19 10:52:52 PST 2000

>Irises and laurels are given at the whim of the crown. Period.
>Or did you miss the point of 10th year?
	I disagree with this statement.  While the Crown has the deciding
factor in elevating individuals  to Peerages, we have come a long way from
the 'whim' of the Crown since 10th year.... and things including the SCA
changes and 10 year was a while ago......
>Most irises and laurels do have a certain level of competence not
>*necessarily* found in your average reveler. They also tend to specialize.
>They also tend to not teach what they know nothing about, unless asked.
	I disagree with this statement.... I realise it's your own opinion
and to a certain degreee it is more than likely true but it's not totally
true.  A great many people who have taught get burned out and teach more
one on one than in structured class.
>I've found that most SCA people are pretty reasonable and if circumstance
>permits, they will flex things toward the right outcome.
	I do agree with this statement....most people have a desire to
rotate with everyone else and those who dance in a counterclockwise mode
try to do so in harmony with some other sphere..... it all makes a grand


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