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Wed Jan 19 10:31:54 PST 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, N.D. Wederstrandt wrote:

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> >Irises and laurels are given at the whim of the crown. Period.
> >Or did you miss the point of 10th year?
> 	I disagree with this statement.  While the Crown has the deciding
> factor in elevating individuals  to Peerages, we have come a long way from
> the 'whim' of the Crown since 10th year.... and things including the SCA
> changes and 10 year was a while ago......

Unless there has been a change in law, which certainly could have happen
whilst I was gone or while I've been less than active, it is and always
has been at the whim of the crown. Welcome to the monarchy. Custom gives
the peers input, but the crown decides, as you say.

> >Most irises and laurels do have a certain level of competence not
> >*necessarily* found in your average reveler. They also tend to specialize.
> >They also tend to not teach what they know nothing about, unless asked.

> 	I disagree with this statement.... I realise it's your own opinion
> and to a certain degreee it is more than likely true but it's not totally
> true.  A great many people who have taught get burned out and teach more
> one on one than in structured class.

What exactly are you disagreeing with? I made no comments about burn out
or one-on-one vs group teaching.


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