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Hi, y'all



>No brewing allowed at all by St. Thompson's.

>Due to in part, a poor understanding of the OK Laws. Yes, there is a lot
>you can't do, (transportation) but there is still a lot you can
>do. (Ie. Cordials, hypocras, etc.)

Basically, yes.  I have attempted on several occasions to raise the level of
comprehension regarding the law.  Alas, to no avail.  The individuals involved
have made their own interpretations and staunchly defend them.  

[Snark alert] Some folks simply won't let facts cloud their "vision".

Keep in mind, in the North, only the organizers of St. Thompson's take this
position (Mistress 'Stacia has been at the helm of that endeavor for the past
three years)...consider WInterkingdom and King's College.

With regard to transportation, the law specifically says you cannot transport
alcohol for which there is excise tax owed. All of the legal restrictions
regarding alcohol are tied to the excise tax.  Mead and wine (up to 200 gallons
per person per year) are SPECIFICALLY exempted by Oklahoma law. Basically, folks
tend to hit the high points without delving into the details.  Like always, the
devil is in the details. Beers and cordials are another matter entirely in this

I have pointed out to my detractors that if their argument (regarding
transportation) was true, it would be illegal to transport a six-pack of beer
from the corner store.  [See earlier Snark about facts and "vision".]

I have also pointed out that teaching people brewing is NOT against Oklahoma
law.  Last time, I checked the First Amendment to the Constitution still held
sway here.  8^)  (Talk about run and hide.)

Still we keep trying. Some battles are long.  For me, this one is still worth


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