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My experience is that you go with your preference. Brandy and vodka have
very distinctly different characteristics...if you are not partial the taste
and feel of brandy, you will find your cordial is much the same -- probably
not to your liking.

I, for one, use grain alcohol as a start to produce something as close to
period as possible...160 to 180 proof range. Never use Everclear (or other
190 proof alcohols) as they retain an annoying flavor that reduces your
cordial to a poorly made Everclear drink -- blame it on the esthers.

In general, vodka is good but be aware of the amount of non-alcoholic liquid
you introduce into the mixture. For example, frozen strawberries can
introduce enough liquid volume to lower the alcoholic content to a
fermentable level...believe me, this is experience speaking! To avoid
exploding cordials, I began using grain alcohol -- Golden Grain and Clear
Spring are two alcohols I like -- whether entirely as the alcohol or as a
50-50 mix for the vodka.

One last thing, go ahead and use good vodka...especially on lighter
flavors...you aren't going to make this in huge quantities and it's well
worth the extra money for a good result.


By the way, Gorm, where are you located?
...Brick by brick

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  When I began to cordial again, I harkened back through my ever faulty
memory to a class I attended at an event which all previous experience was
based on.  The Lord teaching us (I cannot remember his name, God bless him
for setting my feet on the path) said use Vodka.  As I've been delving for
more information, I've found Brandy also mentioned (a few other liquors as
well, but predominately Vodka and Brandy).  Which liquor is preferred by
this August body(ies)?  I'm not necessarily asking for any documentary
evidence, just preferences.  Also does one go better than the other with a
certain fruit, nut, etc.  Mainly a curiosity, but advice of those more
experienced should always be sought (learning that at a younger age would
have been sooooo much easier.).

  Gorm - whose cherry cordial's progress makes him titter like a schoolgirl.

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