[Bvc] Cordialing Spirit of Choice

Linda Short lc_otter at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 12:05:51 PDT 2007

Brandy is my preferred choice for cordials. It's
easier on the head than Vodka.

--- Robert Brown <texas_roberttash at yahoo.com>

> When I began to cordial again, I harkened back
> through my ever faulty memory to a class I
> attended at an event which all previous
> experience was based on.  The Lord teaching us
> (I cannot remember his name, God bless him for
> setting my feet on the path) said use Vodka. 
> As I've been delving for more information, I've
> found Brandy also mentioned (a few other
> liquors as well, but predominately Vodka and
> Brandy).  Which liquor is preferred by this
> August body(ies)?  I'm not necessarily asking
> for any documentary evidence, just preferences.
>  Also does one go better than the other with a
> certain fruit, nut, etc.  Mainly a curiosity,
> but advice of those more experienced should
> always be sought (learning that at a younger
> age would have been sooooo much easier.).
>   Gorm - whose cherry cordial's progress makes
> him titter like a schoolgirl.
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