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Mon Jul 30 11:29:07 PDT 2007

Well, I go back and forth between Vodka and Brandy.  With a heavy honey
(buckwheat) as the base for the simple sugar, brandy has no equal - the
smoky (buckwheat) fruity (brandy) flavor lingers on the tounge.  For
lighter flavors, like a raspberry, I prefer Vodka.  I also like to use
Vodka for its burn properties in my chili cordials.

I know you didn't ask but both vodka (wheat, not potatoe) and brandy are
period and were used in medicinal cordials.  Rum, also period, never
traveled far from the sugar plantations, being a by-product of sugar
production.  Being so localized, no one that I have met knows if it was
used in cordial productions within period.

As a side note, for my chocolate-banana cordial, I use Banana 99 as the
base.  I tried making a banana coridal once, but discovered that banana
actually goes bad as a coridial in about 6 months (sooner if exposed to
light) - it takes just over 5 months to get reasonably clear with multiple

Ever a Servant,

Prudence the Curious

> When I began to cordial again, I harkened back through my ever faulty
> memory to a class I attended at an event which all previous experience
> was based on.  The Lord teaching us (I cannot remember his name, God
> bless him for setting my feet on the path) said use Vodka.  As I've been
> delving for more information, I've found Brandy also mentioned (a few
> other liquors as well, but predominately Vodka and Brandy).  Which
> liquor is preferred by this August body(ies)?  I'm not necessarily
> asking for any documentary evidence, just preferences.  Also does one go
> better than the other with a certain fruit, nut, etc.  Mainly a
> curiosity, but advice of those more experienced should always be sought
> (learning that at a younger age would have been sooooo much easier.).
>   Gorm - whose cherry cordial's progress makes him titter like a
> schoolgirl.
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