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Geneva Tanner wrote:
> I am a maker of cordials and have been told on numerous occasions that 
> vodka is not period. could you please send me the documentation of 
> that. I have tired to enter into a A&S compitition but was told I 
> could not win because I used vodka. :-) I will beg if I need to (giggle)
> Lady Gwen Makewin

I have always heard that Brandies, distilled meads, Whiskey, Vodka, and 
Rum are all period.
Here is a neat page that I have referred people to several times. (it 
could use a better bibliography)

I think it can be argued that Potato Vodka was not period.  Europeans 
didn't even see the potato until 1540 and there is no evidence of it 
being brought to Europe until 1565 and it did not make it to Vodka 
producing countries until well post-period.

In period Vodka was made usually from rye or wheat as some of the best 
(arguably the best) vodkas are today.


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