[Bvc] Bvc Digest, Vol 4, Issue 4

embroidery at penpoint.biz embroidery at penpoint.biz
Tue Jul 31 12:29:05 PDT 2007

Another interesting place to look is:


Sorry, I don't have more than that immediately available.  I know I have
some somewhere, but I have been working on cooking (food) and calligraphy
for the past year - cordialing and meadmaking is buried under the quilting
which I was working on before calligraphy.



> I am a maker of cordials and have been told on numerous occasions that
> vodka is not period. could you please send me the documentation of that.
> I have tired to enter into a A&S compitition but was told I could not
> win because I used vodka. :-) I will beg if I need to (giggle)
>   Lady Gwen Makewin

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