[Bvc] A request to host a brewers competition.

Zach Most clermont1348 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 12:57:53 PDT 2011

  Well done getting the word out well in advance so folks can brew something 
tasty!  I've been pretty happy using the judging forms provided here:
  Others have their opinions, and they may want to discuss them here.  If the 
theme is very important to you, you might add a category for brewers getting 
close to the theme- making something based on a mid 14th century recipe, or a 
wine from northern Italy might score better than a Digby mead.  There might be 
some neat clues in The Decameron for a beverage...
  Gaston de Clermont

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Subject: [Bvc] A request to host a brewers competition.

My Lords and Ladies of the Ansteorran brewers community,

In a scant six months time the Shire of Gate's Edge will hold it's annual Fall 
event. This year's theme will be a celebration of the end of the Black Plague in 
Venice. I would like to hold a brewers competition at this event and I need both 
participants and judges. It is my hope to make this an annual occurrence. If 
your interest has been peaked or you would like to help coordinate such an 
undertaking (I am clueless at the moment) please contact me off-list so that I 
may mark this off the check list. 

For the Shire!
Robert of Coleford.
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