[Central] Michael Flatley 'Feet of Flames' in Dallas, July 29th

MGreene@mpan.com MGreene at mpan.com
Tue Jul 3 11:27:57 PDT 2001

FYI  - the same show heads up to Dallas on Sunday, July 29th.; for those
interested.   Cheers.

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Subject:  [Coastal] Michael Flatley 'Feet of Flames' in Houston, July 27th

For those that favor Irish music and dance, you may be interested to know
that Michael Flatley, the dancer of 'Riverdance' fame, is going to be in
Houston, with his new show 'Feet of Flames' Starring Michael Flatley  on
July 27th (Friday of Queen's Champion weekend), 8pm, at the Compaq Center.
Several of us from Stargate have purchased tickets, so perhaps we will see
you there...    Cheers,  Hillary

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