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Kihe Blackeagle kihe at ticnet.com
Fri Jul 13 06:08:22 PDT 2001

Apologies for not identifying the following user by name; I'm in the
process of transferring to a larger hard drive and some, ah,
"difficulties" have been encountered in the process (translation: I
can't get to one of my recent e-mail directories until I can
convince one old drive to co-exist with the new master).

Action (automatic, software-controlled):
ythmin at aol.com - Account disabled automatically for excessive
bounced e-mail (mailbox full?)

AND - Welcome to all the recent new subscribers!

Central mailing list Administrator,
"on the road" in the Stargate (translation: Mike's on short-term

Adieu, Amra / Pax ... Kihe / ttfn - Mike

kihe at ticnet.com OR MCBaker216 at cs.com
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