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Tue Apr 27 13:14:41 PDT 2004

Greeting unto the Populace of Ansteorra:

It is my great pleasure to announce, 

Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary's 
Nobles' Grand Archery Tournament!

An archery competition between the most skilled archers of 
Ansteorra, sponsored by the Nobility and/or Groups of our fair 

To be held upon the Canton site during our AAA event 
Friday July 9, 2004 starting at 11 AM in the morning. 

Nobles' of Ansteorra, come test the mettle of your group's or 
personal choice of archer against the other skilled archers of 
Ansteorra.  Will the Champion Archer of Ansteorra's Argent 
Anniversary be wearing your colors to victory?  Will your 
choice prove the most skilled archer of our fair Kingdom hails 
from your lands?  Come sponsor your champion or favorite archer 
in Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary's test of skill with bow!

All competing archers must be sponsored by Landed or Court 
Nobility or an active Ansteorran group.  Nobles may sponsor 
themselves during this tournament.  Pomp and ceremony are 
highly encouraged so don't forget your banners, regalia, and 
voice heralds to announce your champion's deeds!

Sponsor's entrant's fee is largess for the prize chest, something 
you might wish to receive yourself ($10 value minimum please).  
All prizes to be awarded to the winning archer's sponsor at the 
conclusion of the tournament and may be distributed upon the 
field as that sponsor sees fit (or not).  Sorry, but we must limit 
our sponsors to having only one representing archer per sponsor.  
Registration shall began on the range at 9 AM and close 11 AM 
the morning of the contest.  If you cannot be present you may 
sent a representative, however no entrant's registration shall be 
confirmed until their entry fee and sponsorship is recorded, no 
exceptions!  Sponsor(s) or their representative must be present 
during the conclusion of the contest for their archer to win. 

Archers, the contest will be either a double or triple elimination  
target archery contest (to be announced prior to start) with 
bows and crossbows pitted against like competitors for as long 
as the lists shall allow (no sights or bow marks will be permitted).  
Archers may not cross categories (that means you only get to 
use one chosen weapon, so chose well!).  All archery targets will 
be familiar types used during this contest (five ring, period or 3D's, 
no novelty targets will be used).  Any "dreaded bye" shall be a 
blind draw pick by your own sponsor, or their representative.

Populace, please come bring your chairs, viewing tents & covered 
ice chests and be prepared to spend a pleasant summer afternoon 
cheering your favorite archer on to victory during this tournament 
of pageantry & skill of bow!  There shall be an area provided for our 
spectators to comfortably view the tournament.

We hope you shall plan to make it part of your AAA event!

In service of the dream,

HL William Ironwyrm
Ansteorra's Argent Anniversary Archery Coordinator
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