[Central] Volunteers needed for Warlord

Julie Cunningham Julie at ettros.com
Thu May 20 06:12:50 PDT 2004

Warlord needs you! 
We are in great need of volunteers to work the event - only a week away (yipes!)
There are many areas to volunteer. Here is the list and the contact point: 

Security     traci at crimsonvision.net     - we need lots of people here!  We must protect ourselves from wandering bands of brigands!
Bardic - Snorri Hallsson    snorri at houston.rr.com - he needs a couple of people to assist at the Bardic competition
Gate     borekvv at hotmail.com   - can never have too many helping out here....
Waterbearing    lordirwynne at yahoo.com    - Must ......have........water!
Set up/take down   jspinks at ix.netcom.com      - the greatest need here might be take down.  We need manly types to help move the stage out of the hall on Sunday...

Children's Activities    kgsfa86 at swbell.net  - Please consider working , even if just an hour, if your child participates here.

A few moments of your time will make a big difference in our event. 
Kathryn Cuninghame of Ayr 
Warlord Autocrat 

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