[Central] Rapier Fighters Please Pray Heed

Erik Langhans ELanghans at khou.com
Tue Sep 12 09:43:23 PDT 2006

Ahh a Baronial Championship.  Great Duelists taking the measure of one another.  Up-and-comers making a name for themselves.  Dark Horse fighters surprising everyone.  Friends meeting in tests of skill.  

It all happens here...

Tourney by the Loch.  The Barony of Loch Soilleir's Baronial Rapier Championship.

On Saturday October 7, 2006.

Come for enjoyable fighting, come for word fame, come for the fun and come for the comraderie.

This year we have another reason as well.  A great prize.  The Prize is a brand new Heavy Rapier from Darkwood Armoury donated by the Landsknecht of Die Schwarze Gesellschaft.

I hope to see you at Tourney by the Loch on Oct 7.

Modius, WSA
Rapier Champion, Loch Soillier


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