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Sun Jul 8 14:05:43 PDT 2007

Greetings unto Ansteorra,


I would like to thank everyone who attended Coronation for their kind comments on my cooking.  While I have prepared a dayboard before and helped in many kitchens, this was my first full feast and the support I received was generous.


Speaking of support, I would be remiss not to thank several gentles for their extreme help without which yesterday’s meals would not have occurred.


I would like to thank Lord Kane MacClure, Lady Kyra de Batenburg, Lady Katarzyna Nikolaieva, Lord Douglas Pusekat, Cheri and Rex for opening up their fridges and freezers as storage space during the week leading up to Coronation.  And I would like to thank my mother, Anne by the Brook, for giving up our refrigerator for the last two months between the tests of dishes, preparations of sauces and precooks.  Douglas and Cheri were also generous by giving up their July Forth celebrations to help with the feast pre-cook.


During Coronation, I had a lot of individuals wander in the kitchen, asking where they could help.  Some of them stayed a few moments to several hours, like Lord Jesse, Kai Masmune, Countess Regina Morningstar, Iceland – Aislyn (?), Anne by the Brook and Pyro (?).  Others stayed all day like Master Caelin on Andrede, Cheri, Lord Douglas Pusekat, Lady Teresa of Bordermarch, and Alain de la Rue.  (I apologize for any misspellings.)  I know I must be missing some of the people who come in throughout the day.  Please understand that even though you are not mentioned here, your aid was much appreciated. 


Most of all I would have to say thank you a thousand times to Lord Douglas.  He showed up for every cooking for tests, every test, and every pre-cook for feast.  Plus he showed up on site the night before and cleaned every surface in the kitchen – even scrubbing out the stove!  Plus he walked into the event the day of with me and left at the same time.  Finally, he showed up the following day to help finish unloading my car and to wash out the coolers.  Not including the event itself, he put in over 40 hours.  Without him, the feast would not even be close to what it was.


Without these people, the dayboard and feast would have been impossible.  With them, the load was light and the day pleasant.   Thank you one and all.


Ever a Servant,


Lady Prudence the Curious

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