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Mon Dec 28 22:03:07 PST 2009

Not all read the Ansteorra list, apologizes for those who receive this multiple times - Crandall 

Greetings Everyone!

I hope all reading this are having a wonderful holiday season!  I just
wanted to post a quick reminder to the list that the Roses will be hosting a
raffle at next week's (yes, it's next week!) Steppes 12th Night event!

We have some *wonderful* items up for raffle; custom scrolls, real ruby
rings, full outfits including at least one with a matching 'Truly' hat &
much more!  Not your everyday raffle items and to think, they can be yours
with the purchase of one raffle ticket!

We will be selling raffle tickets all day & will hold the drawing towards
the end of the event; please listen to heralds on the day of for details.

We are still looking for donations!  Please contact me offlist to make
arrangements if something needs to be picked up or if you would like to
donate an 'I.O.U' item.  Donations will also be accepted at the event of

Thank you all for your support!
Countess Elizabeta

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