[Central] Feast Crossbow & Table Top Siege Competition for Steppes 12th Night:

William Black Dragon ironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 6 06:18:10 PST 2011

Greetings All!  

Our Feast Crossbow & Table Top Siege Competition at 
Steppes 12TH Night not only appeals to children but 
to the child within each of us and is one of the few 
contest where all ages may compete equally together 
for the right to brag whom is the best shot with 
their on mini-missile launcher!  

Should you have yet to attend this most amusing & 
entertaining little contest of food flinging skill 
you have missed one of the little gems of our 12TH 
Night activities!

So please plan to come join us for this extremely 
enjoyable and fun little feast weaponry competition!

Please note, this year there is a major change to 
our contest's format!  After much play testing we 
have decided to change from our previous accuracy 
contest of who can hurl the most grapes into a 
bucket to a much more entertaining & fun single 
elimination duel between competitors.  

That's right folks, this year it's a "FOOD FIGHT"!  

Competitors shall be facing off from either end of 
table in an attempt to score more hits than their 
opponents to be declared the winner of the match! 
Winners of the foodstuff duel shall advance in the 
list, losers must join the spectators behind the 

Ammo shall be supplied in unopened plastic baggies 
before the start of the match and not allowed to be 
opened until the call of "lay on"!  Matches shall be 
timed at one minute and continue until both opponents 
are either out of ammo or the time runs out.  

All hits shall counted & scored by the attending 
marshals only!  If there is any violation of the 
contest's rules(see below) by either competitor a 
hold shall be called, the clock stopped, the 
offending competitor warned and penalty noted on 
the scores.  Should the violation be repeated the 
offender shall be disqualified and the match awarded 
to their opponent!  

The "12 years and under" group shall compete first 
by age the youngest paired against each other.  The 
winners of the second end of these matches shall be 
advanced to compete with the "13 years and older" 

Siege engines shall be paired with siege engines 
whenever possible.  

Loaner feast crossbows shall be made available for 
those wishing to enter the competition without a 
feast weapon of their own.  

Eye protection shall be required to be worn by 
competitors, safety glasses will be supplied.  

We plan to start sign-up around 1PM and begin our 
tournament promptly at 2PM (or as close as we can 
given SCA time)!

2011 Contest Rules:

The contest is open to all hand-held or table top 
devises constructed for the sole purpose of hurling 
small bits of foodstuffs(marshmallows, grapes, cheese 
cubes, veggies, peanuts, etc.) which can met the 
following conditions:  

1) All devises will be declared within one of two 
categories; "Hand held - those meant to be fired 
while held in the hand (so called "baby", "feast", 
or "mini" crossbows.  Or "Table top" - those meant 
to be fired while sitting upon a flat surface (so 
called "baby", "feast"' or "mini" trebuchet, 
ballista, catapult, or other type siege engine). 

2) All feast devises must fit into a sixteen inch 
feast platter (or circle), or have a footprint 
which does so to be permitted to enter the list.  

3) All string & prod powered entries (crossbows & 
ballista) may not exceed a draw weight of 10 foot 

4) All entries must be capable of launching table 
grapes as ammo!  All ammo shall be supplied by the 
contest sponsors.  No other projectiles will be 
allowed for the contest.  

The Competition:  

- All Competitors twelve years or under must be 
accompanied by a parent or legal guardian!  

- All spectators must remain behind the safety 
ropes during the competition!

- All contestants must enter & complete the 
competition using one type "feast weapon" only!  

- All contestants must demonstrate to the 
attending marshals that their "feast weapon" is 
safe, in good working order, and they can operate 
the devise in a safe and sane manner!  

- All contestants must wear eye protection while 
competing in their match!  Some safety glasses 
shall be provided, however most is made for adults. 
Competitors & parents may supply their own.  

- All contestants must be ready when their names 
are called!  Absent contestants shall declared as 
a forfeit of the match and their opponents declared 
the winner!  

- All contestants must remain in their chairs at 
all times during the entire match!*
- All competitors must keep their upper torso above 
the table at all times!*  You may dodge however you 
may not duck under or otherwise use the table for 

- In the event neither combatant scores a "hit" upon 
the other during their match it shall count as a 
loss for both!  

- In the event of a tied score within the match both 
competitors shall advance into the next end!  

- Used "intact ammo" may be gleamed from your person 
or the table top and fired for additional points!

* Failure to do so a hold shall be called, clock 
stopped, the offending competitor warned, and a 
point shall be awarded to their opponent.  

We would wish to thank House Arkham for supporting 
and sponsoring our our little tournament once 
again this year!

We're looking forward to having an even more 
splattering good time and lots of laughs again during 
this year's contest!  Pray come out and join us, 
however be advised wearing a good washable cloak is 



HL William Black Dragon 
Feast Weaponry Marshal In Charge

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