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I actually have a semi-draft working in progress. basic layout... working on colors. The actual gold of the device is a little glaring on the eyes to use as a full background color, so I'm playing around with a softer gold.  I'll add your info to both the OP and the officer's page.



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  Hi ya! I am so happy that you are working on the site. 
  Here is my info. I will work on a good pic for it later.

  Lord Fiontan O?Cuaig
  Knight Marshal of  Chemin Noir
  Northkeep Marksmen 13 
  Crimson Star of Northkeep
  14th century Irish Nobel working as a
  Mercenary for the French in Europe 

  Device is a green field with gold border and chevron 
  3 lanterns in gold. 2 above chevron  and  1 below.

  I will send info on mother after I talk to her.

  Contact Info for Chemin Noir Knight Marshal
  Michael Quigley
  fintan at cableone.net

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