[Chemin-noir] Castellan is Coming!

Amanda Wallace dragontamerbrat at gmail.com
Wed May 4 19:30:32 PDT 2005

Their Excellencies Ainar Magnusson and Anna Maria Mercedes de Cerdanya
and the Barony of Northkeep invite one and all to come and join in the
competition to determine our new Baronial Castellan.

Join the Barony and our current champions Sir Owen (Bard and
Castellan, Sir Jean Paul (Drighton), Don James Navarre (Provost),
Greyden, Mongo's Man (Marksman), Ld Ian dun Guillan (Artisan), and Ld
Arthur Blackmoon (Archer) as the next generation of champions is

There are six main competitions:
Drighton (Heavy Weapons), Provost (Light Weapons), Archer, Marksman
(Thrown Weapons), Artisan, and Titled Bard.

Each entrant for the Castellan must enter at least 3 competitions, one
must be martial, and one must be either A&S or Bardic.

Come enjoy a Northkeep tradition of good fighting, good food, and good
fun. The competitions will be epic and exciting. The fun will be had
by all, and the food will be legendary.

Merchants are allowed, but MUST have a valid Oklahoma Sales Tax ID.
Contact Amanda Blackwolf at dragontamerbrat at gmail.com for merchant

There will be a tavern on site, for your breakfast and lunch
requirements. Please contact Keigan of Ravensfaire at
keigangdh at aol.com for more information.

A scrumptious feast will be prepared by Lady Janet. Please contact her
at djmbs at aol.com with for reservations or with any questions.

Amanda Blackwolf

The Divine is like a candle behind a stained glass window: we may not
all see the same light, but we all see the same flame.

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