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Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 14:53:09 PDT 2005

Heill and Health Buabrottr and Buasystr, do I Lord Skerri Valtorsson send you the following missive as an Officer of the Royal Duchal Imperial Varangian Guard of Duke Sir Steingrim Stallari's traditions and laws:
         Notice of Official Call to Arms and General Muster
As part of a Blottvar (bloodoath) made to the Barony of Tir Ysgithr of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, we are obliged to Rally at Southern Crusades War each year, for the defense of our Fiefdom.
The event is always held during the Veteran's day weekend.  This year it is from Thursday November 10th 1pm until Monday November 14th 5pm at Winkleman Flats Arizona.  The website is: http://www.geocities.com/southerncrusades/index.html
I apologize for the long delay in specifics, my phone calls were not returned, and the website is finally completed as of three days ago.  You can also pay online by credit/debit!
I call upon all Fighters, Archers, Siege Engineers, Merchants, Artisans, and Shoppers and Camp Followers to do their very best to come and fight/play.  This is a formal Muster of all Varangians, Auxiliae, Mercenaries, etc to stand and fight for what is ours.  Additionally, I ask that everyone contact the autocrat and let her know you are a Varangian, weather you are coming or not.  This way we spread our name-fame!
I know many of you are not in Arizona, and certainly may not be able to come.  Please spread this E-mail to any and all Varangians etc.
I am offering a necklace as pay to each combatant/ contect entrant, and I will have my famous and delicious "skerri-stew" going, too!  I would also like to try and do at least one potluck dinner together, and maybe see about our overall food situation.  M'lord Radthe and I are working on a barracks tent for those of you coming from very far away, and if I get help on making a new tent for Lady Annis and I, I can throw in our 14'x10'x19' A-frame as another barracks tent.  I want us to camp together as well, to make a larger impact on the size of the Varangian Guard!  Lets get our numbers together, and size of tents and dayshades, so we can do a footprint map for our camp.
I realize some of you good people are not members of the Varangian Guard.  I am sending this e-mail to you in hopes you will come and fight under the Raven Banner, and also that the site address for the War will get passed around.  There is some of the best fighting you can get there!  More to come later...............
Mundane info:
Robert M Stewart, Sr
16380 W Sandy St
Marana, AZ 85653-9432
I also have instant messenger on aol, yahoo, and msn
As always, yours in service and Luck in Battle

Lord Skerri Valtorsson
Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Kingdom of Atenveldt

Praise no sword before wet, no ale before drunk, nor ice before crossed
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