[Chemin-noir] Populous Meeting Pattern

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 08:38:00 PST 2007

Greetings unto the most wonderful place in Ansteorra,

What day of the month do you use to choose the time for your populous 


Namron goes by the first monday and third tuesday.

Love for Chemin-noir!

Your benifacted,
Lord Pooky

>Greetings Friends!
>Tisn't this warmer weather wonderful!
>That said....
>The February Populace meeting for Chemin Noir will be this Thursday,
>Feb 22, at the Dewey Arvest Bank's Branding Iron Room (small building
>just east of the bank) located at Hwy 75 & Don Tyler.
>Meeting will begin at 7:30.  Gathering afterwards will be ????
>Every one is welcome garb or not.  Come join us!
>Aoife, Acting Scribe for Ld Fiontan, Seneshal

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