[Chemin-noir] Cook out tonight

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Thu Jul 31 13:01:54 PDT 2008

Are you bringing the buns?  I thought about chili and shredded cheese, but
keeping the chili warm is a problem.  Stuff that goes with hot dogs - like
condiments, or are we talking cole slaw and potato salad?  Chips?  I'd get
beans, but, again, there's that warming problem.  While I'm set up for
brewing with the large stainless pots that requires, I don't have any
normal-sized saucepans in my apartment to heat the beans (or chili).

I'd like to ask a favor - I have two beers I kegged two weeks ago to take
with me to Lady of the Lake this weekend.  I'd like to bring the kegs
along and leave them in the van, then get a couple people to try them. 
When I sampled them last night (warm), the dark ale didn't seem quite
right.  The beer has been in the fridge since last night, so it should be
cold now.

  Miles Grey

ottokarluther at aol.com wrote:
> ok
> So were bringing Hot dogs
> and kats bringing watermelon
> im not sure if mike and crew are coming?
> but if you want to bring something to go with hot dogs miles and jen that
> would be good?
> will start at 7:00 sooner park near the shelter?
> Ottokar?
> (P.S.) we will be planning the next cook out tonight ?

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