[Chemin-noir] Pinic 06.12.08

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Wed Jun 11 21:28:47 PDT 2008

Woot! Picnic!  I will swing by the KFC on the way and pick up some 
chicken. How many servings should I get?

Is our picnic in garb, or shall we wear mundies?

Would beer be appropriate at this picnic?  I have two mostly-full kegs 
in my fridge.  I doubt I'd bring both of them, but I'd be happy to bring 

On a totally unrelated not, I trekked down to Northkeep for fighter 
practice tonight, donning armor (loaner) for the first time.  It was 
great fun!  I will put together armor as quickly as I can and 
participate in our own practices.

  Miles Grey

Kathleen Mulligan wrote:

> Populace of Chemin Noir
> Populace of Northkeep
> We will have hotdogs--hamburgers--shredded beef and pork--potato 
> salad--BBQ beans--mustard--ketchup--mayo--buns.  If I can get ribs 
> from Homeland we will have those.  The $9.99 special is only on 
> Fridays otherwise it is $12.99.  If you have not e-mailed me about 
> what you are bringing then my suggestions are fried chicken 
> or dessert(s).  As far as I know there are three children and no 
> teenagers.  I have about a dozen paper plates and plastic silverware.  
> If it rains then we will have to take our chances that the shelter has 
> not been reserved.  See you at the picnic.
> Lady Katrine of  Roscommon
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