[Chemin-noir] Castellan (Warning! Lengthy)

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Tue Jun 3 00:58:39 PDT 2008

Good Gentles,
  I would like to begin by thanking all involved for allowing me to do this feast!  Also, a huge thank you to those of you that committed to donating items and then followed through with that commitment.  You are awesome.
    HE Mercedes,  Mistress Talana, Lady Muirenn (Eldern), Lady Meryn, Lord Ottakar & Milady Teresa, Lord Robin of Northkeep & Milady Marion, HE Damon & HL Ismet, Lady Elodie & HL Angus, HL Debroa ,Lady Aline, Lady Zahava & Lord Karl.   
   Next, I would like express my undying affection and appreciation for the immense amount of assistance I received in the kitchen.  You have my love!
  HL Damon (Wookie), Lady Olivia, HL Ismet, Lady Lynn, HL Keigan, Milady Rachel, Lady Branislava, HL Keiron, Mistress Michelle, Sir Asoph, Mistress Magdalena, Lord Gryffydd, and all of the people that help hollow bread bowls.
  Also, many heart felt thank yous are sent to the Musicians, especially Hly Toinette for the arranging of musicians , who were absolutely fabulous! And to, ALL of the servers (I am so sorry that I do not have all of the names),Hly Adena for so graciously working in the dance steps,  And to, Lord Brendon Talbot for excellent heralding.  Your Majesty Vanessa, thank you for abiding all of the twists and turns of which I asked you to partake, You are the best and I LOVE you!
  Last but definitely not least, I wish to thank the feasting populace, without you . . . there would be no joy in Mudville!
  You all made an aging  woman very happy and assisted in letting me experience my idea of this dream!  I hope the feasting, the dancing and the music never end!
In Service,
Hly Elisabeth de Calais
PS-Please excuse any omissions as they are not intended.
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