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Populace of Chemin Noir
First of all:  Those listed above are free to notify either by phone or e-mail any 
person(s) who most likely will not get this e-mail.  I am primarily concerned with 
Lane (known in SCA as Saufius Dieter)--Randal Lee Smith--Lady Genna MacGregor.  If 
you know of anyone else not mentioned by all means contact the person(s).  You are 
welcome to give my e-mail address so that person can contact me.  I know there are 
others who were at Lord Fiontan's house and I do not have contact info (phone or e-
Now for the picnic stuff:  I will bring shredded BBQ beef for sandwiches.  I will 
also bring ribs from Homeland.  From the following list you e-mail me with what you 
want to bring and if there are duplicates then I will e-mail you back.  Fried 
chicken mainly legs and thighs--Cole slaw--Potato salad--Veggies with dip--Chips 
with dip--Watermelon either whole or in chunks--Hamburgers and/or hot dogs mainly 
for the kids(those under 12 or so)--Hamburger buns at least--Condiments (ketchup--
mustard--mayo--sliced cheese--etc)--Paper plates--Plastic forks at least--Each 
person with own drink(s).
If I have forgotten stuff please e-mail me.
If my count is correct there are three teens (Toriea's girls) and three kids (Miah 
and Lane's two boys).  I do not know how many teens/kids Jennifer has and if she 
would bring them.
Guests are welcome just e-mail me if you are bringing possible new members.
Ottokar:  I will need the grill to cook the hamburgers and/or hot dogs unless you 
want to take the chance and use one of the onsite pits.
In service to Chemin Noir
Lady Katrine of Roscommon
[Kathleen Mulligan]
e-mail:  katrine1948 at yahoo.com


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