[Chemin-noir] January Populace Meeting

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Thu Jan 15 17:55:10 PST 2009


After a couple of months off we're now ready to get back
to normal.  The Yahoo! announcement will be correct this
time.  But here's an early "heads up".
Populace will be next thursday, Jan 22, 2009.
AT:  The Branding Iron Room to the east of Dewey Bank in
Dewey.  The bank is on the northeast corner of US75 and
Don Tyler Ave.

Meeting will start around 7:30 and we will be having our
usual potluck feast...bring your feast gear...we'll also
try to have extra stuff for those without.
Garb is good but not mandatory...the room is sometimes NOT
overly warm!  Please bring drinks of your choice.

At the moment I'm planning on bringing Creamy Potato Soup.
If you've any questions feel free to contact our Seneschal, 
Lord Ottokar at ottokarluther at aol.com or query the list.


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