[Chemin-noir] Please Verify Group Rapier Marshals

Lord Orlando Di Gilead orlando at agilejedi.com
Wed Jan 6 21:44:19 PST 2010

     After a long and illustrious run as Northern Regional Rapier Marshal,
Don Timothy has stepped down to allow others the "joy" of this office. So,
having stood out well above all other candidates (I can sign my name and
have a heartbeat) it appears I, Lord Orlando Giovanni, have been awarded
said office. (much rejoicing)

Introductions concluded, I do have business with the various groups. I am
trying to complete a list of local rapier marshals. Below is the current
list I have. I'd greatly appreciate some help from the local seneschals or
those listed. Please send me any corrections or missing info (off list).

Adlersruhe      No Marshall
Bonwicke      Toshiro Koi rapiermarshal at bonwicke.org NEED MUNDANE NAME &
Brad Leah      No Marshall
Chemin Noir    No Marshall
Eldern Hills No Marshall
Mooneschadowe No Marshall
Namron Jaqcues Ball
Northkeep         Lady Keigan of Ravensfaire keiganGDH at aol.com NEED MUNDANE
Skorragarðr No Marshall
Wiesenfeuer Jean Fernald de Savigny David Sauer srsplace at aol.com

If any groups have prospects for the office of rapier marshal please have
them forward an application to me. I'll coordinate the rest with the local
seneschal. If you have fighters that need authorizations we will be
conducting authorizations at the upcoming regional practice (24 Jan).

I appologize for the blast notice. Future notices will go to
rm-northern at lists.ansteorra.org. So, please ask your rapier marshals to sign
up for the rm-northern list.

in service,
Lord Orlando Giovanni Di' Gilead
Northern Regional Rapier Marshal
Cadet to HE Don Elric Dracwin

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