[Chemin-noir] Northern Regional Rapier Practice Recap

Lord Orlando Di Gilead orlando at agilejedi.com
Mon Jan 25 10:14:31 PST 2010

   Northern regional rapier practice was a great success this weekend. We
had good turn-out, great learning opportunities and lots of fun! I want to
thank Centurion D'Alder for hosting the practice and providing such
great amenities! I'd also like to thank our water bearers for keeping us
hydrated and well stuffed with pickles.

During the practice we were able to run through several very good scenarios.
We had lots of positive feedback from everyone and many experienced fighters
to provide insight. I believe the North will be a true force to be reckoned
with at war. To help the local marshals/commanders continue training here is
a list of the scenarios we covered:

   - Maintain a line, Sweeping and engaging a column.
   - Employing a reserve column
   - Employing a delay team
   - Countering a delay team
   - Bridge Battle Tactics
   - Employ/Counter a Kill pocket
   - Breaking and Rolling the enemy column
   - Small unit tactics with resurrections

It was a great practice and everyone looked great. The next definite
Northern regional practice is planned for the Sunday after Company of
Wolves. We are working on a tentative practice the Sunday after Winter
Kingdom in Northkeep, more to follow on that.

in service to the Queen and the Kingdom,

Lord Orlando Giovanni di Gilead
Northern Regional Rapier Commander

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