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vzfw Steinraud kenneth_the_dark at yahoo.com
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Was wondering if there was any more info on the event yet? And are there any monthly meetings/fighter practices?

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Greetings, Kaun!
You may contact me, Tara Alexander aka Voislava, at russcrowelvr at hotmail.com for more information. I am currently the seneschal of Chemin Noir, the sponsoring group of Fair of the Harvest: Fall of the Dragon. You may also contact Lady Eve Donald, the autocrat of the event at her e-mail address, tresehardy at yahoo.com. 
Yours in Service,

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From: kenneth_the_dark at yahoo.com
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Subject: [Chemin-noir] Looking for info on an event

Who would I contact about more info for this event; Fair of the Harvest: Fall of the Dragon? 

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