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I am truly sorry to hear this...for some reason I'd been thinking of her a lot 


On Mon Jul 12 23:12 , connie hatcher <blueangle at att.net> sent:

>Greetings All:
>I am sad the announce that on July the 7th 2010 in the evening, our 
>member Lady Toriea had multiple strokes and was admitted to the 
>hospital. She is now home, but she has suffered some ability loss with 
>her left side hand and leg.  She will be dropping out of the SCA for 
>medical reason permanently.  If anyone is needing full set up of a light
> fighter helm, hood, gloves and protector jacket for a small to medium person 
please let John Shearhart Jr. know, she will
> be selling the stuff together for 100.00.  Any garb that she has will 
>be up for takes too if anyone needs it at no cost on the garb.

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