[Chemin-noir] The Gift of Love

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Tue May 11 14:54:30 PDT 2010

Greetings  unto the Populous of Ansteorra,

It is our wish to spread word fame  and send deep thanks across the kingdom for the incredible generosity of  Damon Xanthus and the lovely Megan Flower el Wal. 

As many of you know the  happy couple gave us the honor of hosting their wedding celebration at  Castellan, which brought us much joy and happiness.  All that attended  where given the treat of a fabulous feast prepared by the talented Baroness  Elisabeth Christianne de Calais, her dedicated crew and a small army of cupcake makers, all of whom did a wonderful job and we are most thankful too. 

Those that  attended where surprised to find upon checking in that there would be no cost, but it has come to my attention not all where aware of the reason for this, and this must be corrected.

This feast was indeed Damon and Megan's present to all their  loved ones for coming to  share in their celebration.  They wished to ensure all that came to celebrate their union be present to share in their Wedding dinner, opening their hearts and coffers to provide for their loved ones on this special day. Their generosity and love for all in this kingdom exemplify the dream that lives in  the heart of the society. VIVAT!!

Yours in Service,

Facon and Keigan 
Baron and Baroness of Northkeep
Lord and Lady of Chemin  Noir

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