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willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Wed Sep 22 21:24:45 PDT 2010

To everyone in Greetings 
I am hoping you will take part in my Dragon Contest and Dragon hunt. Remember I have a special prize for the best Original Dragon but I also have a prize for simply the "Best" Dragon. I have a prize for the most Dragons also. All in All there are over 10 prizes for Dragons ranging a silver stamped charger to a Chicken. All  the prizes come from the Dragon's horde and you know what strange taste Dragon's have. The contest for "Best" Dragon goes on until the Feast. I hope to see some tables with Dragons on them. One of the prizes is best use of a bought dragon. 
I also have prizes for the best hunting outfit. You don't have to "hunt" the Dragon to wear a Dragon hunting outfit. 
There are two parts to the "Dragon Hunt" the first part is the Quest where teams will go out and count Dragons. That is why I need you to bring big and little dragons. The second part is the slaying of the Dragon. I have made a Dragon pinata for the Children to "slay". Mistress Catherine will be stuffing it with toys and candy. This activity will take place during the "games" section. 
 The Presentation of the head and tail will happen at Children Court. There should be fun for all. 
I hope to see you there
Duchess Willow de Wisp. 

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