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I wanted to take a moment to thank all who helped so much to make this weekends event so special. To the Baron and Baroness thank you for your helpful and cheerful spirits, to our Beloved and awesome feast steward her Excellency Kelandra as well as to her help his Excellency Ian, Her Excellency Theresa, and Don Timothy as well as the many who served feast you all worked so hard and put such dedication in that feast. It was wonderful and very appreciated. To our seneschal, our newest Lady, and our Bardic champion Voislava thank you for all the effort and time you put in to the event. And congratulations! To the Canton's newest members you all worked hard and were an invaluable asset. To Mercedes who not only helped with site tokens but ran a successful raffle thank you you were a friend to the Canton and to me.To Arthur who helped as only a true friend does by being supportive and willing to help however he could, you are a friend to the Canton and a
 personal friend who made autocratting easier.To those who gave to the prize baskets, the raffle, and to children's activities thank you. To Aderynn and Alys who ran children's activities thank you so much you cared for those precious smalls and it is appreciated.To my love Ottokar who did so well to help wherever needed and to be supportive. To our newest champions and to all those receiving justly deserved service awards congratulations! To the former champions who ran their competitions, our lovely herald Adalia, Our wonderful water bearer coordinator Montega, our list mistress Elodie, and those who sat gate thank you, thank you, thank you.To all the Kenmares who gave time and help.Thank you all so much.This event had so many hearts who dedicated their time, money, efforts to this event it would be a novel to list all. Thank you Northkeep and my beloved Canton your support and efforts are truly something I will never forget.Our canton may be small
 in size but never never in Heart! Vivat Chemin Noir!
In service to Wolfstar, to Chemin Noir, to Northkeep and to The Dream,
Lady Eve Donald
Chemin Noir

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