[Chemin-noir] Do you have what it takes to be our Protector?

Barone Orlando Di Gilead orlando at agilejedi.com
Tue Sep 28 09:00:57 PDT 2010

     This year the Barony of Namron will select it's 34th Protector and 23rd
Rapier Champion. It could be argued that our list of
like an Ansteorran royal lineage. The competition to be named Namron's
Protector is among the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in our
Kingdom. Most of our protectors have reigned as Kings of Ansteorra and many
have done so multiple times. The vast majority of our Rapier Champions
have received or already wore the white scarf.

     No, this is not a tournament for the feint of heart. This IS a
tournament for those who aspire to greatness in our Kingdom. All competitors
are expected to compete for the honor of a consort. Presentations will be
made to Her Excellency and I. Each competitor and consort should be proper
and acceptable to both of us.

    So, do you have what it takes? Protectorate will be held the weekend of
Oct 8-10 at Camp Dakani in Oklahoma City. You can learn more at the website
http://protectorate.agilejedi.com. In addition to the championships we will
have archery, children's activities, a tavern, feast and an evening
revel/hafla. The crown will be in attendance.

yours in service,

Barone Orlando Giovanni di' Gilead
Barone di' Namron

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