[Chemin-noir] Laurel's Prize Tourney...Namron...JUST 10 MORE DAYS!!

Tadhg ld_tadhg at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 10:16:57 PDT 2011

Greetings to the Artisans of Northern Ansteorra,

The summer has zipped by...and there's just 10 days left until Laurel's Prize Tourney?!?

So, I hope you're getting those last things together to spend a wonderful day in the name of A&S! Over 30 artisans are registered already!! 

Once again, the Laurels of Ansteorra humbly invite one and all to the Barony of 
Namron on Saturday, 27 August 2011, to come show off their 

No competition! No scores! Just time getting feedback on your art 
with the Laurels. There is no other event quite like this in the 

This is also not limited to one article. Rather, this event is a body of
 work...so, bring a good collection of your various works. 

However, one IMPORTANT change...you need to fit on ONE-HALF of a 6' table. This is actually good news...a good number of artisans are signing up!

By the way, have YOU signed up?? Please let Mistress Marguerite Dinard know you're coming via e-mail, moas at ansteorra.org

For site information, please visit: http://lpt.baronyofnamron.org/

To answer some of your questions on a body of work, please visit: http://moas.ansteorra.org/MOASLaurelsPrizeTourney_Main.htm

Maistir Tadhg

...brick by brick



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