[Chemin-noir] House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves Event! Feb 25-27

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Wed Feb 23 10:38:00 PST 2011

Looks like the weather should still be good for Company Of Wolves.  
Lets hope it stays that way...darn Oklahoma's weather for being so 
contrary!  Wish I could be there.


On Tue Feb 22 19:10 , 'Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich' <pookyloves at gmail.com> sent:

> My Beloved Friends once again,
>As the Ambassador of House Wolfstar's Love I personally invite you to
>join me in attendance at House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves Event!
>If you are in the SCA to enjoy yourself, relax, and yes enjoy yourself
>then this is The Event to attend!!
>general info:
>Date, Site Loc, Site Time, activities:
>Feb 25-27
>Camp Cimarron (Coyle, Ok) YES, Camp Cimarron of ole' !!! Up their to
>the right, mind the speed traps, over the bridge, hard right & where
>your fondest SCA memories occurred, or will !!!!
>GPS: (for those that use it): Pooky knows not what this is...
>Lat: 35.9675509 Lon: -97.2186467 can Pooky round these off to the
>nearest Denarius?
>Site Fee 10$ YaY !!!!!
>Feast 8$ Real Wolf Feasty Food & contact Pooky about a vegetarian
>side-feast he just remembered he needs to buy spaghetti squash for.
>Site opens at 4pm on Fri (2/25) & closes at 12pm Sun (2/27) Sleeping
>at any time is optional
>There will be Heavy & Light Melees, Bardic, Hafla w/ dancing &
>drumming, a Pooky, and people enjoying themselves !!!!!!
>Questions can be directed to Muirenn or Meadhbh @ the following
>emails, respectively:
>Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-i (Meryn) : Butrflykyssis at gmail.com
>Meadhbh inghean Rois : tk_carr at hotmail.com
>Complaints can be directed to Pookrenn and Pookhbh @ the following
>email, respectfully:
>Pookhbhrenn : pookyloves at gmail.com
>Respect, Anticipation, Voracity, and Enticement ~ Like A Wolf;
>Pooky ~  House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves unofficial Problem
>Resolution Actuator
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